Village shows off Comprehensive Plan

Adam Larck
The future land use map gives plenty of room for residential growth, as well as multiple parks throughout the village.

Plenty of feedback was offered when the Comprehensive Plan was shown off for the village of Dunlap on Thursday.

The plan, which was decided to be developed in May of 2010, was made with the help of a committee which consisted of village trustees, residents and representatives of key organizations, such as the Dunlap schools and the Peoria Sanitary District.

The plan helps outline the possible growth of the village for the next 20 years.

“It’s a starting point,” Mayor Jack Fennell said. “That’s what it’s meant to be is a starting point. Future boards I’m sure will change some of it. As we grow and annex we’ll have to look at it some more.”

While not the only part of the plan, the main part deals with the future land use map of the village.

The map shows possible residential growth on the east and west sides, along with possible growth in the south if needed.

However, Nick Hayward, from Tri-County Planning Commission, the group that helped put the plan together, said that the south would be hard to use due to the ravine in the area, along with possible flooding places.

Also noted in the plan is possible commercial areas around Illinois Route 91 and in the downtown area of Dunlap.

The commercial placement around 91 caused multiple comments from community members worried about their houses being rezoned.

However, Hayward said the rezoning would be on a house-by-house basis, and only done if the resident was willing to sell the land.

Hayward also added during his presentation that something like a restaurant could be built in the area.

Fennell said that would only be possible if they were to somehow acquire the entire block.

“When you look along 91, at the place we’re looking at, we’re probably looking at attorney’s office or insurance because there’s not parking,” Fennell said. “It has to be something with low parking requirements to be in that area.”

He added that businesses there would be “a ways down the road when the traffic starts picking up.”

Also listed in the map were 38 acres for possible industrial growth to add jobs and strengthen the tax base, and 199 acres for parks.

The acres included the area east of North Park and the ravine area to the south.

“I think the wetlands down at the bottom would be a real addition to the walking trail,” Fennell said. “Those would eventually go all the way to Rock Island Trial. That would be a big plus.”

He added that the first thing he would like to see added would be more ball diamonds at North Park.

“We’ve got a real need down there. We don’t have enough ball diamonds now,” he said.

To develop the map, Tri-County Planning Commission factored in an exponential projection in the Dunlap population over the next 20 years.

If the exponential growth is not reached, however, the map can be changed as needed.

Besides the map, there are also nine major areas of the plan with goals and action items: community spirit, education, downtown business district, land use, economic development, parks and recreation, infrastructure, transportation and village services.

The goals range from fostering a “small town feel” throughout the village to providing sidewalks throughout the village to just maintaining a strong partnership with the school district.

Another meeting will be held at 6 p.m. Nov. 17 at Dunlap Village Hall to let more of the community see the plan, as well as let community members come back and provide additional input after seeing the plan Thursday.

The plan is also available to view online at

Any questions before the meeting can be directed to Hayward at 673-9330 or