E-85 Day a hit in Dunlap

DeWayne Bartels
Jeff Bennett, district supervisor for USCO, changes the price gears on the E-85 pump at the gas station on Friday. The price of E-85 for two hours fell from $2.97 a gallon to $2.12.


1 The USCO Station in Dunlap sold 432 gallons of E-85 between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Sept. 9. The average amount of E-85 sales for a day is 400 gallons.  

2 E-85 during that two-hour period was reduced in price by 85 cents a gallon. The price went from $2.97 a gallon to $2.12.

3 The Peoria County Corn Grower’s Association sponsored the event to promote the use of E-85 in flex-fuel vehicles. The association reimbursed the gas station for the difference in price.

Overheard at the event

“For me the use of E-85 is primarily price-driven.” — Bill Parrott, an USCO customer

“The percentage of vehicles that can use E-85 is small. I’d be surprised if it was 10 percent.” — Ross Pauly, president of the Peoria County Corn Grower’s Association.

“I get E-85 about 99 percent of the time. My husband is a farmer. We support E-85.” — Elena Menold, an USCO customer.

“My husband uses E-85 on occasion. It’s not easy to find. My sister lives here in Dunlap. I’m here once a week. If I like it I’ll use it more.” — Deann Dunbar, an USCO customer.

“This is a nice surprise. I just made it before it was over. I’m running about three hours behind today. This made it a better day.” — Nola Graves, an USCO customer.