Rescue 33 Labor Day Breakfast totals more than $15,000

Marianne Gillespie
Residents filled both their stomachs and Rescue 33's coffers at Monday's breakfast. Patrons keep the line moving, including at far right, Ted Bailey, who began the breakfast years ago and continues helping with it.

Chillicotheans found themselves eating for a cause Monday morning at the Chilli Bowl.

More than 1,100 residents, possibly up to 1,200 residents, assisted Rescue 33 by donating funds to eat breakfast on Labor Day. Additionally, a silent auction was offered with the funds going to the squad.

More than $15,000 was donated for the squad, which goes to the needs of the free ambulance service.

"It was a great sucess," said Rescue 33 President Ron Hedden. "We want to thank everyone. A lot people walked in and helped. We had hands to both set up and tear down."

Residents who were not able to attend the breakfast but want to donate may send a check to Rescue 33, P.O. Box 204, Chillicothe, IL 61523, or drop off with a dispatcher at the Chillicothe Police Department. An equipment fund also is set up at First National Bank, and residents may donate there as well. The fund will assist the squad in buying new narrow-band radios, as well as maintaining its three ambulances.