Chillicothe Skatepark closed due to vandalism

Staff Writer
Chillicothe Times-Bulletin
The Chillicothe Skatepark opened in June 2010 and officially opened the next month.

While many Chillicotheans enjoyed Labor Day weekend doing as little work as possible, a few worked on making a mess at Chillicothe Skatepark.

All of the three picnic tables at the park were destroyed. Trash was emptied from the receptacles and strewn around the area. No graffiti was found, however, Chillicothe Park District’s Director of Parks and Recreation Kevin Yates said.

Due to the vandalism, the park will be closed for one week, reopening Tuesday.

“If we find out who did it, especially the picnic tables, and we can prove it, then we will re-open the park right away,” said Yates.

The park, located at the corner of Sixth and Moffitt streets behind Chillicothe Bible Church, has not had vandalism problems before this weekend.

“We just want to make sure whoever did it knows we’re not going to stand for it,” said Yates.

Anyone with information about the vandalism should call the park district at 274-3409.