Students see older days during Spring Planting

Dianne Colwell

During a previous Spring Planting at Three Sisters Park, a volunteer leader in the seed corn preparation area instructed the fifth-grade students to pick up an ear.

Several items were on the table. One inner city student asked, “Is this the ear?”?as she picked up the ear of corn.

After taking a turn breaking ground with a single bottom-walking plow pulled by a pair of draft horses, participants may have a clearer understanding of “horsepower” in car engines.

They learn about horse care and practice harnessing on life-size “dummy horses.”

Nowadays, residents “buckle?up” their seat belts in our vehicles.

The dim lighting and the crank wall telephone of the 1918 era was so limiting in comparison to modern lighting and cell phones and iPods.

The ways of yesteryear led residents to today.

More than 600 students will participate April 26-28.

The 46 contributors, all volunteers and Three Sisters Park are providing a learning experience correlated to 24 Learning Standards established by the Illinois State Board of Education.