Dunlap Spooky Story Contest Winners

Staff Writer
Chillicothe Times-Bulletin

First Place

The Spirits in the Attic 

By Gianna Colombo

Fourth grade

Mrs. Detering                                                                                                            Banner Elementary School

Allison was rummaging through her closet. All of a sudden she heard creaking and moaning. It was sort of like ghosts. She opened the door and found that the door led to a castle. The castle had cobwebs, cracked stain glass windows, and many spiders. Allison walked through the door. She looked around, and the door disappeared. She was trapped. She started running, trying to find another door. There was no way out. But, as she was about to give up, another door appeared. She started running to it, but when she was just about to reach it, the door opened by itself. The gray silhouette of a girl appeared in the doorway. The girl was so faded that you could barely see her. Then she spoke. “Hello, my name is Erin Jennifer Williams. How do you do?” she asked. “Um, fine. I guess,” Allison answered back. “How about I take you for a tour of the castle?” she said. “Um, okay,” Allison replied.

As they were walking down the corridor, Allison noticed that ghosts weren’t the only creatures in the castle. There were vampires, mummies, and monsters of all types. She also saw seven girls sitting around a long table. Their expressions were “Wha...wha...what’s going on here?” There was one exception. This girl was laughing and looked like she was having a grand time. The other strange thing about this girl was that she and Allison looked exactly alike. She had the same long, auburn hair pulled back in a pony tail, same nose, freckles, and electric blue eyes. She came up to Allison and said, “Hello, my name is Ally Rea Ward. Yours?” Allison then said, “My name is... Wait a second, I used to have a twin that looked exactly like you and had the same name. When were you captured here?” “Oh, about four years ago,” the girl replied. “Well, that’s strange,” Allison said. “Ha, ha, ha, I was just trying to trick you. You see this is what we do here,” she said. Then the girl transformed. She started to have long, straight black hair, depressing black eyes, a black dress, and even worse, two blood stained fangs.

“Welcome to the Halloween Palace. Do you see all these girl spirits here? Well, all of them have been killed by me. They suffered after my painful bite. Now, it is time for you to suffer,” she said even more coldly.

Allison started running for the door. While she was running, a bat was flying around her, and then she felt the bite. As she was dying, she remembered what she was looking for: a picture of Ally.

Then she woke with a scream. It was all just a dream.

Second Place

A Spooky Night of Trick-or-Treating

By Natalie Waugh

Third Grade

Mrs. Lanser                                                                                                                Dunlap Grade School

One dark, spooky Halloween night, Gabby had just put on her ghost costume when she heard a knock at the door. She quickly ran over to see who it was. As she peered through the glass door, she saw it was Windy, her best friend from school. She had her witch costume on. Gabby opened the door. “Hi, Windy!” Gabby said with excitement. “Do you want to go trick-or-treating with me?” Windy asked. “I’d love to! You know it’s our favorite time of  year,” Gabby answered.

After they got their candy bags, they left the house with a spooky feeling inside them. When they arrived at their friends Zack and Valerie’s house, they rang the spiderweb doorbell, Ding! Dong! The brother and sister raced each other to the door. But, of course Zack won just like he always did. Valerie was dressed as a vampire and Zack was dressed as a zombie.

Windy witch asked, still with a spooky feeling inside, “Do you want to go trick-or-treating with us on this spooky, dark night?” The brother and sister yelled together, “Of course!” They all  grabbed some candy corn and left to go to Will’s house.

As Windy witch, Gabby ghost, Zack zombie and Valerie vampire ran up Will’s steps, Brandon, dressed as a bat, jumped out of the coffin on the porch right next to them! Windy and Gabby screamed, but the rest just stood there too scared to say a word. Then Will, dressed as a werewolf, came out to give Brandon bat a big high-five. Polly, Brandon’s sister, came out dressed as a pumpkin. “Brandon! What did you do that for?” Polly exclaimed. “Will told me to do it,” Brandon confessed. Everyone looked at Will. “Well,” he said, “yes.” “Fine!” Polly emitted. Then Zack asked, “Do you want to go to the pumpkin patch?” “Sure we do! Of course! Let’s go!” they all yelled excitedly.

Just when they had gotten to the eerie pumpkin patch, they heard a whispery voice. They all huddled together. The noise sounded like it was coming from the pumpkin right beside them. “But can a pumpkin really talk?” Polly asked. “No way!” the others agreed. But, it was indeed that very pumpkin right beside them talking! Polly, Gabby, Valerie and everyone else decided to run! After two miles of running, they found a cave. Everyone stopped and sat down to catch their breath. Just as they thought they were safe, Gabby realized that bats were flying all around them and a werewolf jumped out of nowhere! A real, live werewolf right in front of them! Zack, Will and Brandon raced out of that cave as fast as a witch on a power-loaded broom. The girls just stood there, frozen with fear until they realized that the boys, who would always protect them, were gone. EEEEEEEEEK!!!! They were out of that cave right behind the boys!

After that long and scary adventure, they still had to walk five long, dark miles home. When they returned to Gabby’s house they were exhausted. Gabby asked her mother if she and her Halloween friends could have a Halloween Sleepover! She said, “Oh whatever, go ahead.” “Thank  you, thank you, thank  you!” they all cried, relieved to be safe at last.

Valerie, Zack, Will, Polly, Brandon and Windy all got packed up for Gabby’s sleepover. They were all thinking of the spooky things that had happened this night and were hoping they would not come around again next Halloween. But they all knew they’d love Halloween forever. No matter what, Halloween would definitely always be their favorite time of year!

Third Place

The Halloween Trick, not Treat

By Devyn Henson

Third Grade

Mrs. Lanser                                                                                                                 Dunlap Grade School

“Moan, groan, mmooooooaaaaan, grroooooaaaan.” Nobody in Mrs. Tusser’s class liked school, not even the slightest bit. “We’re here at school again, groaning,” said Jerimiah, sounding sick. “I mean, it’s a holiday. It’s Halloween and we should not be here.” The class continued to moan and groan.  “Okay, kids, no more moans and groans. We have work to do,” Mrs. Tusser shouts above the class as the class continues to moan. “I said quiet kids,” Mrs. Tusser shouts strictly. Mrs. Tusser turned her head away from her papers just as Jerimiah let out a groan. “Jerimiah, to the office now!” Mrs. Tusser shouts. “But, but, but, I, I -” “Office now!” she shouts. “But-” “Now!” she demanded again. “Nobody said anything,” remarked Josephinia. “Perhaps you’d like to tag along with Jerimiah, Josephinia,” replied Mrs. Tusser. “No thanks. I guess I’ll be quiet,” Josephinia said. Jerimiah walks out of the classroom disappointed.

Suddenly there was a sound of a ghost moaning, almost mocking he class. Everyone shrieked, including Mrs. Tusser. The school suddenly fell silent and the lights flickered out mysteriously. A black smoke swirled overhead. Something had grabbed everyone in the class, something quite spooky. They were caught in a tornado of black dust. It picked them up and dropped them into a mysterious, dark cave.

Nobody could see anything. There was something almost like honey on the floor. Xavier slipped in the sticky goo and hit a button which turned on a light. “Huh, light and.. red honey? Ahh, it’s blood,” Xavier said, worried. “No, it’s not,” Amy exclaimed. “It’s just Kool-Aid,  you silly goose.” “Yeah, I knew that all along. I, I, I just wanted to scare you guys,” Xavier said. “Right!” Amy declared with disbelief.

“Don’t panic,” Mrs. Tusser shouts as loud as she could. “But we’re trapped!” everyone shouts. Xavier discovers one wee tiny door knob. “Do you think?” Xavier says. “Think what?” Amy and Josephinia asked together. “Never mind,” Xavier says quick and unsurely. Xavier opens the door to a tiny room barely big enough to fit him and Amy. “There’s another door,” replies Amy. Everyone had formed a line to get through the doors. They find a total of 15 doors. They strike one door that went upward. They went through 15 upward reaching doors. They had reached a very, very confusing maze. The class decided there must be a prize at the end of the maze. Xavier was a master of mazes and loved the corn mazes in the fall.

As much as Xavier liked mazes, he could not find the end to this one, but thankfully, Amy found the prize...an apple. “Well,” Amy replied. “I am hungry,” and bit into the apple. Zap, she was back in the classroom. The apple was like magic, the key back to school. Soon everyone was back in the classroom. They never thought they would be happy to be back.

“You know, I’ve never been so glad to be at school,” Xavier says as Principal Opah walks in. “How’d you all do on my wee quiz?” he asks. “Your quiz?” everyone asks. “You were the  ghost?” “Yes, siree. Yep, I was,” he replied as Jerimiah walked into the classroom laughing. “I knew about this all along,” Jerimiah says. “I helped Principal Opah with the whole thing. Happy Halloween!”