Substitute QB Mangieri brings win

Chelsea Peck
Junior Nick Mangieri runs the ball Friday as East Peoria junior Alex Moses goes in for the tackle.

Dunlap pulled through with a 28-7 win over East Peoria Friday without lead quarterback Logan Schrader.

Schrader sprained his knee during Wednesday’s practice, which gave junior wide receiver Nick Mangieri a day to prepare as backup QB.

“Nick didn’t have any practice time really and came in a did a great job for us,” head coach Brett Cazalet said.

Mangieri made a 12-yard pass to Daniel Clements for the first touchdown of the game, followed by a 2-yard rush, giving Dunlap a 13-0 lead.

East Peoria (1-6, 1-4) scored on a 20-yard pass from Andrew Wallace to Adam Sommer in the second quarter, bringing the score to 13-7.

Dunlap then intercepted a pass that brought on a rush down the middle by Mangieri for another six points.

Dunlap made the play for the extra three points, upping the scoreboard 21-7.

“I think we did a nice job doing what we had to do. When you lose Logan, obviously he’s our best thrower and leading rusher, essentially the night before the game you gotta revamp things. Our offense did more than their share to get four scores,” Cazalet said.

Cazalet said the team focused on having fewer but longer possessions of the ball to eat up more of the clock.

“Usually, we’re trying to  get as many offensive possessions as we can, but Friday we were trying to get fewer and longer possessions. We were trying to make the game go faster,” he said.

Matt Borkovec, who has been injured, stepped onto the field in the second half to give Dunlap its final TD.

A doctor is scheduled to look at Schrader’s knee Wednesday to determine if he will take the field Friday against Limestone.