Today in Chillicothe -- Feb. 11

Marianne Gillespie

The eighth grade basketball team will play at 6 p.m. tonight for the Sectional title as they play at Washington Middle School's court. Check back here later for what happened.


The Lady Ghosts will play for the Regional championship Thursday night. Check out the Sports tab for more information.


• We would love to share photos and stories of Chillicotheans who catch a glimpse of the president while they are at work tomorrow. E-mail us if you can share information.


The Chillicothe Public Library is hosting a local celebration of President Abraham Lincoln’s 200th birthday.

Mike Wendell of Bishop Hill will present a program about the life of a Civil War soldier at 6 p.m. Thursday.

He will bring with him an 1861 gun, a Civil War pistol and an infantry uniform.

The library staff also will serve a 19th century pound cake, straight from a recipe found in a Civil War cookbook found on the library’s shelf.

If the pound cake is a little rich, residents also may try the pumpkin bread, also made from a recipe of that time period.

The event is for all ages.