BREAKING NEWS: More residents pick up candidates’ packets

Marianne Gillespie

Four more residents picked up informational packets about running for city offices.

They include: Judy Gajdik for alderman Ward 2; incumbent Chris Boyer for alderman Ward 3; and Jeff Rushin and incumbent Judy Cantwell for alderman Ward 4.

Aldermen whose terms are up for re-election include Carl Spencer, Troy Childers Sr., Boyer and Cantwell.

Last week, three Chillicotheans picked up packets the first day they were available, to run for mayor: current Mayor Gary Fyke, former mayor Childers and Sandi Levell.

The candidates will be circulating their petitions, and then must file them in December in order to be listed on the ballot.

Anyone interested in running for the seats of mayor, city clerk, city treasurer and alderman may pick up packets at City Hall through city clerk Sharon Crabel from 10 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. from now until Dec. 15.

The consolidated primary election is Feb. 25.