Donut Mania

Karen Danner

It takes a lot of dough to make more than 5,000 dozen doughnuts, but Rescue 33 members, as well as family, friends and numerous volunteers, cooked, iced, boxed and sold 5,600 dozen doughnuts during Donut Days.

According to Rescue 33 president Ron Hedden, the more than $43,000 raised this year will help the ambulance continue to offer free service to the Chillicothe area.

“We thank the people for supporting us,” said Hedden. “Every year they are willing to help us out and donate time and money for the squad.”

The crew used 4,750 pounds of doughnut mix, 1,450 pounds of shortening and 208 pounds of sprinkles.

Donations may be sent to Rescue 33, 1217 Santa Fe Ave., Chillicothe, IL 61523.