Rivertown Rumblings — Sept. 3

Karen Danner
Nikki Whitley and her horse, Taxi

Nikki Whitley recently returned from her annual trip with her horse, Taxi, to Eminence, Mo. This was the eighth year she has attended the Cross Country Trail Ride week-long event. Her husband, Marty, and twin daughters, Bean and Nellie, stayed home to tend to all the family’s animals.


A record number of ducks floated down the Illinois River in the 20th annual Duck Race Aug. 24, which benefits The Center For Prevention of Abuse.

The first ducks crossing the finish line won various prizes, including a Chevy Cobalt, courtesy of Jim McComb Chevrolet.

While no Chillicotheans won prizes, Kim Robertson of Dunlap did win tickets for two for the Peoria Ballet Co. season.


Mild-mannered former kindergarten teacher Bette Gibbs doesn't get riled very often.

After all, she educated thousands of local children for more than 40 years. On Saturday, however, Bette nearly went ballistic as she scoped the Illinois River with her binoculars. What she saw she termed "inhumane." A fishing boat with a motor and three kids inside plowed into a gathering of white geese on the river, which her riverfront neighbor, Bob Johnson, feeds all the time. Not satisfied with just causing the initial damage, the group then continued to circle in the geese, hurting and possibly killing even more of the animals. The next day, Bette said she saw those which survived, as well as several that were injured, still in the river.