Zombies gathering at Spider Hill for Halloween attraction

Drew Veskauf TimesNewspapers
Volunteers at Spider Hill line up in front of a war wagon for this year's new ride. Pictured are, from left, Robert Barnes, Kayla Huber, Megan McCausland, Callie Heneger, Jessica Campbell, Jordyn Thomas and Alex Strong.

Spider Hill returns this year with a Zombie Invasion.

The newest attraction is a ride through the woods on a “war wagon” equipped with 11 paintball guns to shoot at the zombies.

“You’re going to like what you see,” said volunteer coordinator Jack Morgenstern.

Throughout the ride guests will encounter scenes such as a farm, Egyptian mummies and a castle.

“They’re going to have a ton to shoot at,” park manager Chris Cassidy said.

The course will feature the roaming zombies, as well as different targets and animated animatronics.

The paintballs will be ultraviolet and the wagons will have black lights on them so they will look like

tracers when it gets dark.

This type of event has been popping up all around the country, Cassidy said.

“They actually go through the woods and stuff where the other places are out in the fields,” said Cassidy.

There will be a wagon with handicap accessibility for those with disabilities. The ramp is built right into the wagon for easy access.

The paintball ride costs $15 and each one comes with 100 balls to start. There will be an attendant present with more paintballs to purchase during the ride.

Co-producer, Chilli Paintball Pitts, helped set up the rides and the mechanics of it all.

Spider Hill will still have its haunted house and walking trail available, too.

The Massacre Mansion will have various themes inside such as a biohazard chemical scene, an exorcism taking place and a library unlike any other.

This will be the second year of the newly redeveloped haunted house.

“Last year we tore it down to the bare bones,” said volunteer at Spider Hill, Alex Strong.

Safety is also a main concern with the haunted house.

The fire marshall will be there to inspect the house before it is opened. Inside there are special walkways for guests to exit if needed.

When entering the park the red barn will also hold interesting things for visitors.

Inside there will be vendors where attendees can purchase items. For free this year there will be a caricature artist, a palm reader and the Fright Night theater that features scary movies.

“We got stuff going on all over the place,” said Cassidy.

Private parties are also welcome during the week by special appointment.

The haunted house and walking trail are $10 each. There is a $30 deal for the Zombie Invasion ride, haunted house and walking trail which is $5 cheaper than purchasing them separately.

Cassidy said last year about 16,000 tickets were sold.

“With the paintball being new, we’re getting a real good response on it,” said Cassidy. “We’re hoping things will start picking up. It’s been about the same the past couple years.”

The opening nights are Oct. 4 and 5 and will run every weekend throughout the month.