‘Wizard of Oz’ on IVC stage

Karen Danner

Follow the yellow brick road to Illinois Valley Central High School for the spring musical, “The Wizard of Oz.”

The play is at 7:30 p.m. March 6-8 in the IVC auditorium. All tickets are $5 at the door.

Members of the cast include: Sarah Bollinger, Dorothy; Ethan Hayward, Scarecrow; John Grogg, Tinman; Garrett Hurd, Lion; Rachel Perez, Wicked Witch of the West; Katie Waller, Glinda; Dusty Bredeman, Uncle Henry; Margaret McQueen, Aunt Em; Charles Fisher, Professor Marvel; Sara Pilon, Beautician; Dani Jones, Crow;  DJ Gibler, Nikko; Carolyn McCullough, Jitterbug; Christina Renner, General; Kendra Davis-Walker, Crow; Rachael Smith, Tree; Kayla Siefferman, Tree; Kara Shatto, Tree; Mandy Anderson, Crow; and Munchkins — Melanie Mitchell, Emily Donnelly, Elizabeth Simpson, Sunni Monday, Kallie Williams, Alicia Masear, Amanda Cannon, Kelsey Losey, Caycee Mooney and Allison Schultz.

Stage manager is Carlie Lavallee, and choreographer is Carolyn McCullough.

Working backstage are Zach Watkins, Miles Bannister and Claire Norman.

The play is directed by Bob Howell.