Laughs abound at Civic Center

Adam Larck

A trio of comedians provide a night of entertainment Friday at the Peoria Civic Center.

Bob Zany, Costaki Economopoulos and Greg Hahn were part of the Friends of Bob & Tom Tour that made a stop in Peoria.

After some introductions and jokes by Bob and Tom news director Kristi Lee, Zany was the first to take the stage.

Zany’s forte is definitely stand-up comedy in front of crowds. While Zany had plenty of good jokes, the best laughs came when he was joking with the crowd.

Early on, he kept calling out latecomers to the show, drawing plenty of laugher.

Throughout the first part of his act, he kept stopping and explaining jokes to Tim in the front row, and finally just started talking to him and joking about his profession, or lack thereof.

However, his best cracks at the crowd’s expense came when he did The Zany Report. After getting a few jokes into the report, a heckler yelled out about hearing the material before.

Zany quickly retorted that he’s been on tour for 38 years, the guy had a choice to buy the ticket and that he “could do the math.” Zany continued on, bantering back and forth with him, getting plenty of laughs.

‘If I’ve offended anyone here tonight, how bout that,” Zany ended with.

The next act, Economopoulos, had a good act, but didn’t play up to the crowd as much. He had a slower act than Zany, taking more pauses along the way.

He got some good laughs from his jokes on his recent marriage, but his biggest reactions came from football jokes.

Economopoulos knew his crowd, taking jabs at both the Bears and the Packers. He also did some random football jokes as well, even on his favorite team, that got quite a few laughs.

The best way to describe the last act, Hahn, is energetic. As soon as he took the stage, he never stopped moving.

While he got plenty of laughs for his jokes, including some of his more well-known jokes on golf and college, he got just as many laughs from his running around, twitching and yelling.

He ended joking about Big Al’s and getting a drink, trying to take a drink of an O’Doul’s and wearing most of it along the way.

For those that want to check out Hahn, he will be back in February at the Jukebox Comedy Club.

Overall, the trio had a solid show, keeping the audience laughing from beginning to end. Peoria has a lot of Bob & Tom fans, and they got their money’s worth on Friday.