Spider Hill opens Friday with updated scares

Justin Miller TimesNewspapers
It may not look that scary in the daytime at Three Sisters Park, but when darkness begins, the Trail of Terror springs into action at Spider Hill. The event begins Friday.

Come this weekend, area residents can scare up a good time at the newly renovated Spider Hill.

“Back in November of last year, we went to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, after we started tearing down Spider Hill,” volunteer Jack Morgenstern said. “We completely gutted the haunted house. In December, we bought a haunted house from Cedar Rapids called Nightmare Manor.

“We moved everything over on two semis, two rental trucks, vans and trailers and put it in the barn. We then started fresh on the computer designing everything.”

Spider Hill, in its 13th year of operation at Three Sisters Park, is open at 6 p.m. every Friday and Saturday in October for tickets with the haunts open at 7 p.m.

People can visit Massacre Mansion for the traditional haunted house experience which is now twice as big as before as well as the Trail of Terror for a three-fourths mile haunted jaunt through the woods.

The Haunted Express, which was a riding trail, is not running this year, with the space being added to scary walk of the Trail of Terror.

“It is by far the longest in the area for the haunted house and the same thing for the walking trail,” Morgenstern said. “The walking trail is a lot longer than it has ever been, and there is a lot of new stuff out there, too.

“Everything is new and everything is fresh. Whoever has been here for years and years is going to see all new things with maybe a few old favorites.”

There is also face painting, a general store and Fright Night Theater.

Fright Night Theater is a free event that will show children’s Halloween movies in the Boo Barn, also known as the red pavilion.

The workers begin planning for the following year’s haunts as soon as November rolls around.

“We start in November and it’s a year round process,” Morgenstern said.

Tickets are $8 per person per attraction or $20 for an unlimited access wristband per person. Both are sold until 11 p.m.

“We always change things around,” Morgenstern said. “We thought that with so many years, as a courtesy to our customers, let’s start fresh with something new. We can always add to the stuff we have now, but we have a lot of new things.”