Tantric makes wait worthwhile

Adam Larck

On March 26, I had my first opportunity to check out the Castle Theatre in Bloomington when Tantric made a stop to the area.

Tantric, a 15-year-old hard rock group, released their fifth CD, “37 Channels,” last September.

They’ve had quite a few singles throughout the years, the most notable being “Down and Out” in 2008. However, many people may not have realized that only Hugo Ferreira, the lead singer, has stayed with the group since the beginning.

Their stop in Bloomington featured a solid performance with quite a few songs from their recent album. However, the wait leading up to their performance was a bit of a problem.

There were two local groups performing that night, along with One, the band that Tantric brought along to open for them.

Normally, three opening acts would be one too many in a large venue. The Castle Theatre made the wait for Tantric even longer, though.

Each of the opening groups played about three-four songs that lasted about a half-hour. Then, the lights popped back on for a half -hour as the band slowly took their own equipment down and the next band brought their equipment on and tested it.

I joked that I heard more music from the Pandora Radio they had playing between sets, but I think that joke may have been true.

The biggest break, though, came between One and Tantric. After One tore down, Tantric just needed to take the covers off their equipment and tune the guitars, or so I thought.

The group had everything ready and then ... went off stage for 20 minutes. No set up, no testing, nothing. There was just the radio playing  with nothing happening.

I’m still not sure what caused the delay, but the band finally came back out at about 9:55 p.m. (the first group started at 7:30 p.m.), did final tests and started their act 10 minutes later.

Once they started, they played a great set for the crowd of about 150 people. In between songs, Ferreira took time to talk to the audience, joking about a recently purchased light-up bass guitar holder that John Abel purchased and telling them the story behind songs.

He also kept getting the crowd closely invested in songs.

At one point, he hopped off the stage to sing along with the crowd and take photos, while another song had him bringing some of the crowd onstage to sing with the group and to see what Ferreira sees looking out.

Except for the delays, Tantric put on a good show that showcased the new CD as well as hitting some of the fan favorites throughout the years. Even with a small crowd, the group made sure fans came away with a great concert.