Times Newspapers' sales staff specializes focus

Staff Writer
Chillicothe Times-Bulletin

The Times News Group/Propel Marketing is pleased to announce a better way our marketing department will serve the needs of our clients.

Mike Mehl, sales manager for the company, said, “As all businesses know, trying to manage the multitude of choices for advertising and marketing and making sure to pick the right ones is a full-time job. Understanding them is even a bigger task. The task for our sales staff is no different. That is why we are moving to a focused strategy to better serve our clients.”

Starting March 1, the Advertising Department will be split into two departments: Print and Digital.

The print department will focus on the great print options available to local business, keeping a focused strategy for providing businesses the knowledgeable and efficient experience they want.

The print department is pleased to welcome Duane Angevine to the team. Duane’s background in print sales and his knowledge of how to care for the client, makes him a valuable member of our team.  He joins Sandy Norbits, a four year veteran in sales at the Times, in providing our clients a highly effective, “client first”  experience.

Local newspapers are still a very effective way for connecting with the residents in our towns. Our reader survey’s show a majority of readers value the local print editions and looks to them to stay connected to their town. Advertising in the print edition can build a bridge of trust between the advertiser and the reader.

“Today and into the future, digital marketing is too important to continue to view as a secondary marketing option for local businesses. Too many businesses are going to show up too late to the dance because they are afraid of doing something they don’t understand,” said Mehl. “I want us to be able to calm a business owner’s nerves by taking a focused approach, analyzing their needs and communicating the strategy through the process, this is why I have set up a digital media department to be led by Greg Osman, a highly intelligent ‘millenial’ who understands the digital world like no one else. The focus of the department will be to provide guidance to businesses on digital marketing, period, without other distractions.”

Greg Osman is adamant that he is not a “sales rep” but an “advisor.” “I don’t want to just sell stuff to businesses, I want to help them. I want to be an asset to them so they can compete with the biggest competition on the web. What we offer levels the playing field for all small to medium size businesses everywhere to compete. It’s up to the business to take the steps. The first step is to let me meet with them.”

The digital media department offers many options including a free audit of your business’ online marketing presence, as well as:

• Targeted display advertising on the top websites and mobile sites.

• Display advertising on the popular Times news five websites.

• Responsive website design and hosting.

• Mobile website design.

• Search engine pay-per-click.

• Search engine optimization.

• Reputation monitoring.

• Online directory updating.

• Call tracking.

• Social media creation and management.

“Our goal for reconfiguring our departments is to better serve our clients through a more structured process, managed by a knowledgeable and focused representative,” Mehl said.