The CEC cross country team ran at the Jubilee Princeville Meet at Jubilee Park Saturday, Sept. 9, with three other teams.

In the girls race, Zoe Irvin came in first place with a time of 12:33. Her time was a personal record and it also set a new school record. The previous record of 12:37 was also held by Irvin.

Cassidy Earleywine finished third with a time of 13:12. Following Earleywine was Mackenzie Mercer in fourth place with a time of 13:15. Both Earleywine and Mercer’s times were personal records.

Mia Lenius placed eighth with a time of 14:05 and Marissa Lenius was ninth with a time of 14:06. Both Mia’s and Marissa’s times were personal records.

Mae Perkins finished 12th with a time of 14:50 and Brooklyn Smith was 15th with a time of 14:57. Perkins’ and Smith’s times were personal records.

Alexia Webb was 21st with a time of 15:08 and Kelsie Placher was 22nd with a time of 15:13. Both Webb’s and Placher’s times were personal records.

Allison Klein finished 36th with a time of 16:42 and Alyssa Merlo was 50th with a time of 17:19.

Placing 54th was Ava Quinn with a time of 17:34 and Madelyn Langberg was 60th with a time of 19:49. Both Quinn’s and Langberg’s times were personal records.

There were 64 girls running in the race and the girls team placed first out of five teams.

The boys ran next with Jordan Norris placing second with a time of 12:02. Norris’ time was a personal record.

Brayden Long finished fourth with a time of 12:10 and Joel McIntyer was 11th with a time of 12:32. Both Long’s and McIntyer’s times were personal records.

Bryce Ratcliff was 16th with a time of 12:01and Cole Yates finished 19th with a time of 13:17. Both Ratcliff’s and Yates’ times were personal records.

Collin Gilchrist placed 22nd with a time of 13:28 and Reece Nowack was 26th with a time of 14:02. Both Gilchrist’s and Nowack’s times were personal records.

Hudson Stickle finished 33rd with a time of 14:30 and Kaden Rutherford was 35th with a time of 14:40. Stickle’s and Rutherford’s times were both personal records.

Alex Padilla was 37th with a time of 14:49 and Julian Dziadyk finished 63rd with a time of 18:04. Padilla’s and Dziadyk’s times were personal records.

Collin Klein finished 67th with a time of 19:11and Braxton Humphrey was 69th with a time of 19:46. Humphrey’s time was a personal record.

There were 70 boys running in the race and the boys team finished second out of five teams.

“We did a great job tonight. A new school record was set and 24 personnel records were also set,” CEC head coach Laura Sutherland said.