Good morning, troops. It's Wednesday, Jan. 15.

Enjoy the mild temperatures and clear conditions, because winter is expected to return over the next few days. With a vengeance, perhaps.

High temperatures Wednesday were expected to remain in the 40s, but Thursday probably will be colder. Highs are forecast in the 30s, lows in the 20s.

A repeat of last weekend's conditions appears to be on tap for this weekend, albeit in reverse order. Instead of snow following rain, the forecast is calling for rain following snow.

As many as 2 inches of snow is expected Friday in Peoria, with a high temperature near 34. As Friday continues, the precipitation is expected to change form.

Rain, freezing rain, sleet and snow are forecast for Friday night, with wind gusts up to 30 mph. Sounds like the classic definition of "wintry mix."

(BTW, Nick in the Morning can't stand it when they put pecans in the wintry mix. Strictly peanuts and cashews here.)

Snow and ice accumulation were expected to be higher north and northwest of Peoria. Galesburg might receive 3 inches of snow and 0.07 inches of ice.

(0.07? They call that the James Bond ice accumulation. Well, Nick in the Morning calls it that.)

All this appears to be part of a storm system that is expected to hit the Pacific Northwest today, head east and cause general winter havoc across the country.

Low temperatures Friday night were expected to hover near freezing. The high Saturday is postulated to be in the 40s, with rain in the morning and breezy conditions all day.

Then comes the deep freeze.

Saturday-night temperatures are expected to crater to a low of 5 degrees. Highs for Sunday and Monday, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, are to range from m19 to 15, with lows from 6 to 7.

At least it's supposed to be dry and sunny for most of that period.

Gradual warming is expected after Monday. Highs in the mid-30s are expected mid-week.

In other words, typical weather for this time of year.

Wednesday marks the mid-point of what's known as meteorological winter — December, January and February. So far, it hasn't been one of our worst, from a storm-and-cold perspective.

But weather Wednesday morning north and west of Peoria might be a little slick.

Bureau, LaSalle, Putnam and Warren counties were under a winter weather advisory until noon. Freezing drizzle and light freezing rain were expected to glaze streets and sidewalks and make driving and walking a bit problematic.

Use caution and avoid the song heard on the way to work. Although Nick in the Morning remains fond of fountain pens.