PEORIA — Family members of two Peoria County people who have been missing for more than two years are frustrated with what they feel is a lack of effort on what could be a promising lead.

Within the past 14 months, cadaver dogs have "hit" on a location near the Duck Creek power station near Banner Marsh in Fulton County. The dogs were indicating what they thought was the presence of a body within several feet of water in that marshy area.

And that, say the families of Marc Bohanan and Alexis Scott, is reason enough to send a dive team into those frigid waters. Twice, they say, the dogs hit. Once was in October 2018. The other was just last month. And in both cases, the Peoria Fire Department's dive team didn't go into the water. 

Natalee Roseboom, the daughter of Bohanan, who has been missing since April 2017, wonders openly why her father's disappearance has been given such low priority. She was told the dive team wanted to wait until spring because there was too much foliage in the area. 

But April Scott, the mother of Alexis Scott, who has been missing since September 2017, said she heard the team didn't want to dive because the water was too cold. She, too, was told the team wanted to wait until spring. Both women are upset because they just want to know what happened and to find out if their daughter or father is in that marsh.

"We cannot comment on anything we do with an open investigation," Peoria Fire Chief Tony Ardis said in response on Friday. "That being said, generally speaking, cold water doesn't affect our divers. We dive under ice all the time. That is not an issue. Other than that, we cannot comment," he said.

Peoria Police Chief Loren Marion, whose department is working the Scott case, declined to comment as well, citing the pending investigation.

Dusti Moultrie, the woman who runs a Facebook group dedicated to keeping attention on Alexis’ case, said the unexplained delays are frustrating to the women.  "What's the wait?" she asked. "Every day that we wait is one more day of agony for these women."