Peoria County

Andrew C. Schauer, 31; Joshua S. Hammond, 31; both of Peoria.

Jeffrey L. Evans, 39; Crystal L. Grosclaude, 43; both of Peoria.

Johnny L. McNutt Jr., 42; Sasha K. Henderson, 43; both of Bartonville.

Michael J. Houston, 35; Rachel A. Lucas, 26; both of Washington.

Meredith K. Tuttle, 28, Trivoli; Benjamin S. Stukey, 26, Angola, Ind.

Jason P. Walley, 42; Rebecca L. Gettle, 43; both of Chillicothe.

Timothy E. Umdenstock, 28; Kaitlin C. Adams-Wenger, 28; both of Peoria.

Catlyn M. Cox, 25; Joseph M. Johnson, 25; both of Shakopee, Minn.

Nicholas L. Norbom, 36; Torie M. Williamson, 36; both of Peoria.

Linda A. Norris, 68; Samuel J. Sickles Jr., 75; both of Peoria.

Johnathan M. Lashbrook, 25, Morton; Breanna E. Nanninga, 30, Germantown Hills.

Demarcus L. Gregory, 31; Chestina L. Jones, 30; both of Peoria.

Jacob T. Albright, 26; Bryan D. Craig, 27; both of Peoria.

Jacob R. Renfroe, 27; Amanda M. Zessin, 27; both of Peoria.

Kimberly J. Corp, 32; Joshua T. Humes, 37; both of Peoria Heights.

Brittany L. Weidman, 29; Kevin J.L. Searle, 36; both of East Peoria.

Dominisha L. Hightower, 23; Jorel M. Davis, 29; both of Peoria.

Terry E. Lopez, 58, East Peoria; Alice F. Bledsoe, 75, Peoria.

Kathryn R. Mann, 27; Joseph W. Savage, 30; both of Dunlap.

Ashlee N. Noel, 29; Kurtis R. Harvey; both of Farmington.

Tyler J. Venovich, 26; Ashley L. Reinbeck, 23; both of Tremont.

Molly L. McGowan, 33; Katherine K. Carl, 30; both of Peoria.

Theresa D. Thies, 58; William E. Cochran, 61; both of Peoria.

Skylar B. Tomm, 24; Cody M. Mullens, 26; both of Bartonville.

Mattie J. Brisbin, 23, Chillicothe; Ethan P.W. McCausland, Albuqueque, N.M.

Brooke T. Benson, 23; Thaddeus J. Swedman, 24; both of Peoria Heights.

Rose E. Cressy, 28; Darris C. Mosley, 34; both of Peoria.

Adaliz Diaz, 21; Peter J. Smart, 22; both of Peoria.

Zaid Kaleem, 25, San Jose, Calif.; Sara Irshad, 23, Peoria.

Angela A. Crespo, 22; Chance A. Dowds, 24; both of Peoria.


Peoria County

Harris, Ovinice T. and Glen W.

Harrold, Darcy N. and Jaime L.

Ballard, Travis A. and Joeleese M.

Tucker, Carlton and Barbara

Dawson, Tracy L. and Allisha M.

Gould, Kalie K. and Philip A.

Foster, Julie and Ashley

Cox, Bruce A. and Kelley D.

Flores, Liliana M. and Gustavo

Krusemark, Kimberly S. and James R.

Nelson, Patrick D. and Abigail M.

Martin, Lauren H. and Thomas E.

Scobey, Sarah A. and David T.

Ramsey, Mary S. and Victor E. II

Taylor, Penny and Cedrick