LACON — To inform people driving in or through Lacon or otherwise possibly affected by the ongoing transport of wind turbine towers through town, the city has released an anticipated schedule of the process for the coming week after a meeting of the involved parties.

Here it is:

• Monday through Friday, a convoy of three semis hauling the towers will leave the riverfront at about 5:30 a.m. each day., drive through downtown Lacon, and head south out of town on Illinois Route 26.

• On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, a second convoy of three trucks will leave on the same route at about 12:30 p.m.

"It was agreed that this schedule will not change unless there is bad weather or other unforeseen problems," Mayor John Wabel said in an email.

The process started Wednesday, and an expected total of 114 trips over a month or so will be required for the tower sections that are coming in by barge on the Illinois River. They’re ultimately destined for a project site east of Streator near the community of Ransom.

From Lacon, the trucks go south on Route 26 to Route 116 at the edge of East Peoria; then east on 116 to I-55; and then northeast to Dwight, where they double back to the west on Route 17. They’re following that circuitous route because weight limits on a small bridge on Route 17 near Varna prevented them from taking that highway straight east from Lacon.