PEORIA — Some bills that pass the Illinois Legislature bring grand and sweeping changes with them. Others tweak small segments of law or resolve a question of parochial interest.

Still more, like a piece of legislation signed by Gov. JB Pritzker earlier this month, resolve lingering questions that came from bigger, sweeping-change legislation.

At issue is a bill signed last year that streamlined and clarified treatment for children who are victims of sexual assault, driven in part by discussions with officials at the Pediatric Resource Center in Peoria and sponsored by Rep. Mike Unes.

This year's legislation clears up some confusion left by that measure about treatment of adult victims.

"This clarifies that an adult can get treated by the nearest treatment facility possible," Unes said. "It streamlines the process."

It's something that OSF HealthCare had highlighted during the implementation of the earlier legislation.

"This clean up language makes it clear that adult survivors of sexual assault can be transferred to a hospital for treatment when that hospital treats adult survivors but transfers pediatric survivors of sexual assault," Chris Manson, OSF's vice president for government relations, said in a statement on the signing of the legislation. "The legislative fix, which was sought by OSF HealthCare, will guarantee greater access to care for survivors of sexual assault and ensure that survivors can be treated at the nearest hospital capable of providing care."

The legislation is House Bill 3038, which passed both houses of the Legislature unanimously.