Perhaps you're a Pike Place Roast type of person, perhaps you’re a champion of the Blonde Flat White, or, maybe you’ve just entered this Starbucks to get a cake pop. Treat yourself, you know? This is a judgement free zone.

Regardless of what beverage or food you order, you will not be grabbing a newspaper in the near future at your local Starbucks.

In the latest of what has been a years long barrage of bad news for the newspaper industry, coffee giant Starbucks has announced that it will cease selling newspapers in their storefronts.

According to a July 12 report in The New York Times, Starbucks will stop carrying physical editions of The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and area specific local newspapers at all locations across the country by the end of September.

At the Starbucks in Pekin — 3442 Court St. — the offerings of newspapers include The New York Times and The Journal Star. USA Today and The Wall Street Journal still have places on the display, but are not sold at the Pekin location.

On Tuesday afternoon around 12:15 p.m., the Journal Star was sold out, with copies of The New York Times still available. An employee said that he didn’t have exact numbers on hand, but said that he noticed the Journal Star sold relatively well.

Though the Times report stated that Starbucks hadn’t announced a reasoning for the shift, CNN led their coverage with this:

“Starbucks will stop selling newspapers and a number of food items to declutter stores and remove products customers aren't buying.”

It only hurts as much as you let it, fellow newspaper people.