PEORIA — By now, some of you might be thinking it's time to look for a groundhog for some payback.

Don't. Yes, the area will see some snow Thursday, but it's not going to stick around for long, and we could be headed out of winter fairly soon.

James Auten, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Lincoln, said snow will come into the area at about noon on Thursday. By evening, expect 1-2 inches. Then, as temperatures warm a teeny bit, the snow will turn into a wintry mix before switching back over to snow. Nighttime accumulation will be about an inch for Peoria and possibly more for other areas.

Wintry mix does include the dreaded "I" word, but Auten said there shouldn't be enough ice accumulation to really cause a panic.

"This is not an event that should cause any power outages, so there is no need to panic," he said in jest.

Temperatures will warm to about 40 on Friday, so expect some melting, but with clouds filling the sky, the meltoff will not be as much as it could be. Then temperatures drop back down below freezing Friday before warming up to nearly 50 on Saturday, with a chance of rain. So, again, we'll see that freeze-thaw cycle that street crews and our vehicles' suspensions love so much.

The forecast for the next month calls for less than normal precipitation, so Auten said if more snow does come, it shouldn't be much.