Things are pretty quiet at City Hall this time of year. Most of our efforts are toward the drafting of our City budget for the next fiscal year which begins May 1st. The budget process is complicated this year because we basically need to draft a budget as if we were annexed to the Fire District, and one assuming we won’t be annexed; the second being more difficult to balance. The referendum for the annexation will on the general election day, April 3.

You may have heard about one of our police officers that needs our prayers and support. Officer Alex Bastian, and his wife Kelsey, have a little 13-month-old son named Wally. He has been diagnosed with a rare heart condition called Barth Syndrome. Wally has been in and out of the hospital since birth and has recently undergone two heart surgeries and has been placed on a heart transplant list; a waiting game….

Alex and Kelsey, a nurse, both entered their careers to help people; now it’s time to help them. Even with insurance, costs become astronomical. If you would like to provide financial support, you can drop off a donation at Busey Bank here in town, or you can purchase a wristband from any police officer you happen to see on the street. If you’re not in a position to donate money, just keep Wally in your thoughts and prayers. We can beat this!

The Public Works Department has reported several frozen water meters during the recent frigid weather. If the temperatures plummet again, please remember to open a faucet and let it dripple, especially overnight. This will allow water to flow through pipes rather than stand still and freeze. It could save the City and you from potential problems.

And, as a reminder, save the date for the 2019 historic train ride between Chillicothe and Henry, and back, scheduled for May 18. Tickets are on sale and available at City Hall, Pearce Community Center, and at the Chamber of Commerce Office. Proceeds will again go to the Fire Department. All aboard!

That’s all for this time. See you around town!