As an update on the FLM gravel pit issue west of town, I reported in my last article that the Judge denied a motion by FLM’s lawyer to “reconsider” his opinion in favor of the City of Chillicothe; which is a good thing for us. I’ve now been informed that FLM has until October 25 to appeal to a higher court. Stay tuned…. 

We were in the news! The City received all forms of media attention lately as Police Chief Scott Mettille announced two new programs. The first is that our police officers are now equipped with body cameras, supplied through a grant; no tax dollars spent. These should prove to be a valuable asset to both our officers and to our citizens. They will protect both and provide record and evidence that will now be available in deciding cases. The second is a program in which businesses and private citizens can opt to inform the police department if they have surveillance cameras and if they are willing to supply the department with footage that might be valuable in solving crimes in their area.

Remember Jerry’s Corvettes on Fourth Street across from Beck’s? Well soon, it’s going to be demolished. The City bought the property and the plan is to clean the property up, landscape it and put a new CEFCU ATM in that location. We also hope to install a video billboard, through a grant, that will announce various not-for-profit events in town like Downtown Thursdays, IVC events, Bald Eagle Days, Christmas Parade, Downtown Trick or Treat, and the like.

Speaking of such, the Downtown Merchant Trick or Treat event will be on October 26 starting at 3:00. And, planning is underway for the Christmas Parade which ill be at 3:00 on November 17. 

Want to get involved? Packets are now available on the web for those interested in running for a Council Alderman position – one Alderman for each Ward. Contact the City Clerk with any questions. Don’t be shy!

That’s all for this time. See you around town!