MONMOUTH — The Warren County Jail will be closing indefinitely after two staff members left for other positions.

Although the building itself will remain open, the “25 to 30” inmates being held in Warren County will be transported to the Mercer County Jail in Aledo, according to State’s Attorney Andy Doyle, who said officers have been leaving Warren County recently because of higher pay elsewhere. Additionally, the age of the jail — more than a century old — has caused it to fall into disrepair.

“Nothing like this has ever happened,” Doyle said. “We knew this day would come because of pay disparity. It’s something we should have been planning for some time ago, but we were hoping it would never come to this.”

Doyle said housing inmates out of county will be costly; he estimated it will cost $40 to $50 per day per inmate, or around $40,000 per month, which will require the county to delve into its emergency fund. The County Board will have an emergency finance meeting at 1 p.m. Thursday in the Warren County Courthouse.