HANNA CITY — Famous Winnies:

Mandela, the late anti-apartheid activist and ex-wife of the late South African president Nelson Mandela.

Cooper, fictional girl-next-door girlfriend to Kevin Arnold, fictional lead character on the old TV series "The Wonder Years."

The Pooh, no introduction necessary.

Now comes the female otter cub born in March at Wildlife Prairie Park. Instead of "Hey, baby otter," she now answers to Winnie, according to the park Facebook page.

The name, according to park officials, is a tribute to the otter's mother, Annie, who died in May after complications from root canal surgery.

Follow along, if you will:

Winnie's mother's full name was Annie Oakley, the name of the famous Wild West sharpshooter. Her father's name is Oakley. Annie Oakley often used a Winchester Model Lever Action Rifle in her shows.

"Winchester seemed to have a nice ring to it," reads the Facebook post. "To keep with the western theme of her parents' names we have chosen to name our pup Winnie."

According to the post, the name Winnie was suggested several times and officials thought it fit the pup's "playful" personality.  Winnie has already learned her name.

"(That's) very important for bonding with the animal keepers," reads the Facebook post.

The park is looking for financial help for caring for Winnie. His pediatric, motherless care will cost the the park approximately $100 a day for the next three months and the park is seeking donations to help with the expenses. A $100 donation will get the donor a signed photograph of Winnie. To donate, follow the link: https://shop.wildlifeprairiepark.org/Donations.aspx.

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