The Pekin City Council on Monday will consider several issues. The meeting is at 5:30 p.m. at the Pekin Municipal Building, 111 S. Capitol St. Some of the issues, according to Council documents for the meeting, include:

1. An extension of a contract with Enviro-Safe Refrigerants land purchase option.

Business Owner Randy Price would pay $5,000 toward the purchase of 5 acres of property at $10,000 an acre. The extension would hold the property for Price until July 17, 2019. The $5,000 down would be credited to the purchase price of $50,000.

Enviro-Safe moved to Riverway Business Park a short time after an explosion at its 100 Caroline St. location on March 20, 2013. The contract gives Price the option to purchase additional land. Price has not yet said what his plans for the property are.

Enviro-Safe is an international company that makes environmentally friendly refrigerants.


2. The issuance of a promissory note for $1.4 million to Morton Community Bank to finance the Cambridge-Shire water detention project.

The Cambridge-Shire area has flooded for more than 50 years when heavy rains occur. The Council did a study a few years ago and determined that a detention pond, which has now been built, was the best way to go. Other work continues on the storm drains.

The finance rate on the loan would be 2 percent and payable in January 2018. If the Council does not approve the loan, the city would have to fund the project with reserves.


3. Consider the annual payment to the Peoria-Pekin Urbanized Transportation Study, also known as PPUATS.

The city will use Motor Fuel Tax money to pay the annual $12,335 dues. PPUATS funding comes from federal and state programs, as well as local money paid to the organization by municipalities and counties. The grants are typically an 80/20 match, with the city paying 20 percent of the costs. The city has received PPUATS grants many times before for projects such as the Hanna Drive extension and Veterans Drive.

The city is hoping for PPUATS funding for the widening of South Fifth Street from Koch Street to VFW Road. It is currently a two-lane road without a shoulder. It is expected to be an area of increased development in the future. Riverway Business Park and the Pekin Park Sports Complex have increased traffic on South Fifth Street.


4. The Council will consider a modified busing agreement for all of the school district’s Pekin Municipal Bus Department services — South Pekin, Rankin, Pekin District 108 and District 303, and Tazewell-Mason Special Education Association.

The school districts received letters from City Manager Tony Carson earlier this year saying the city was operating at a deficit and proposing huge increases. Negotiations continued and an agreement was reached, which the districts approved last month.

The Council now has to approve the agreement with all of the districts.

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