Not every Wall Streeter is into spending their summer weekends with sand, surf, and New York City club transplants — i.e. The Hamptons.

For those who prefer a more rustic getaway, Camp Orenda in the Adirondacks has become a solid alternative.

Yes, there are gorgeous vistas — like Crane Mountain, one of the few mountains in the eastern U.S. that has a natural large lake on top — a river, three-tiered waterfall, and other examples of the upstate New York's natural beauty.

But the most important thing about Orenda that it's incredibly luxurious.

Think steaming hot showers, tents with gorgeous full beds, and farm-to-table anything (or gluten-free, or kosher, or whatever you need). The point was to create a camping experience for people who can't keep camping gear in their tiny NYC apartment — and that you never have to open your wallet once you get to camp.

Some call this concept "glamping" (glamour plus camping), though Orenda founder David Webb dislikes the term. It's a tradition that predates the term by a long time anyway.

"If there's ever a true founder of the glamping concept its those old style Robber Barons," said Webb. "They took pride in going into the back country and doing it in style and comfort."

Of course, the Robber Barons took about 150 servants with them, and Orenda does it with a staff of about five. They also probably didn't do yoga along with their kayaking, hiking, and archery.

Either way, it's working. Last year, The New York Times put Orenda on its 46 places to visit list, and since that time visits to the camp have shot up 300%.

Camp Orenda is located in the middle of Adirondack State Park.

But the bedrooms look like this.

And the tents look like this.

Orenda guests can kayak and canoe on Garnet Lake.

And eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the open-air dining pavilion. Farm-to-table meals are prepared with locally sourced ingredients.

Snacks are also offered throughout the day at the open-air dining pavilion.

Everything is cooked over an open wood flame.

And the camp will pack lunches for guests as they go out for hikes.

No roughing it here's a bathhouse with two private toilets and hot water.

Dig the sun shower.

Maybe you're not a nature person?

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