IVC and visiting Geneseo had a slow start at the varsity boys game Jan. 21.

The Grey Ghosts led the Maple Leafs in the first three quarters but came up short when Geneseo put in a buzzer-beater to win 52-51.

IVC and visiting Geneseo had a slow start at the varsity boys game Jan. 21. The Grey Ghosts led the Maple Leafs in the first three quarters but came up short when Geneseo put in a buzzer-beater to win 52-51. “It was a different team for us because they get so physical and put pressure on you and guard you,” said coach Joe Mintus. Senior guard Spencer Youngman was out of the game due to a back injury. Mintus said he will be out for two to four weeks. “That took a little bit off of us,” said Mintus. “He’s a starter so losing him didn’t help.” In the first quarter, IVC kept Geneseo to just one point while gaining seven of its own. Junior Mason Schaub started the scoring of the game with a shot under the net, assisted by senior Ben Rashid. IVC forced turnovers on Geneseo and was able to put another two points on the board from a shot by senior Mitch McIntyre to make it 4-0. Senior Reilly Owens took his first steps on the court at 3:14 and at about 1:40 put in his first 3-pointer. Geneseo received its first and only point of the quarter from a free throw by senior Jordan Mielke with 27 seconds left. The Maple Leafs came out in the second with a 3 and two field goals. Their 6-foot-7-inch junior forward Drew Himmelman scored his first two points in the opening minutes to make it a 9-8 game in favor of IVC. Senior Ryan Beard, junior Matt Keffeler and Owens added seven points to the board when Geneseo called a timeout at 1:19 when down 16-13. Owens came out of the timeout with a steal and an assist to Schaub for a quick two points under the hoop to close out the scoring for the second. The Maple Leafs’ Mielke was called on a technical foul after the buzzer before halftime. The free throw shots were taken at the beginning of the third quarter by Owens, who made his second attempt, and IVC was given possession. IVC led Geneseo 19-13 going into the third. Himmelman opened the scoring with a field goal and a free throw from a foul on the play, which he made. Geneseo tied the game at 19-19 from a 3 by freshman Anthony Bravata and took a 21-19 lead after a 3 by junior Greg Rusk. IVC was able to take back the lead at 27-25 from shots by Beard, Owens and Rashid. Geneseo tied it again, 27-27, but Rashid sank a 3 from the top of the key at the 2 minute mark. He then put in two bonus shots at 1:10 to make it 32-29. Himmelman made another shot under the basket to close out the scoring for the third with Geneseo trailing 32-31. The fourth quarter was a battle of back and forth shots for both teams. Owens and Beard opened the scoring with shots under the net with assists by Schaub in the first minute to take a 36-31 lead. Himmelman tied the score with five points from shots under the basket and a free throw. Geneseo called a timeout and Himmelman came out with another two points to have IVC trail 41-38. Rashid went to the line to make both of his attempts to close the deficit to one point. Beard gave IVC another lead at 46-45 after making two free throw attempts at 2:01. The Maple Leafs put up four more points before Beard put in another shot under the basket when IVC called a timeout at 48.9 and was down 49-48. Geneseo came out of the timeout to make a shot to span the deficit to 3 points over IVC but Owens was sent to the line at 24.6 to make one of his two attempts. Schaub tied up the game at 51-51 with two points from the paint with 7.4 seconds left in the game. Geneseo called the first timeout and IVC followed with its own before the final play. The Maple Leafs had possession and moved the ball into IVC territory. Geneseo senior Luke Snyder was passed the ball, took steps in on the left side and put a layup in for the buzzer-beater win at 53-51. Owens led IVC in scoring with 15 points, Schaub scored 12 and had five assists, Beard scored 10 and Rashid contributed nine. McIntyre led in rebounds with seven. He had five on defensive plays and two on offense. Himmelman led both teams in scoring with 23 points, 18 coming from shots under the net. “We just gave up too much and that’s stuff we can’t do,” Mintus said. The loss brought IVC’s record to 13-6 for the season. IVC’s next game will be at Richwoods High School at 7 p.m. Friday.