Furry companions of Chillicothe residents have a new place to get a grooming in the heart of the town as of November.

Flying Furr Pet Grooming shop opened Nov. 12 and is welcoming dogs and cats to its shop at 300 W. Pine St., Suite 1.

Gigi Eastman and Denise Antonacci co-own the business.

Both owners come from the healthcare field before opening their own pet grooming store. Eastman still works as a nurse but Antonacci has left the information-technology work at UnityPoint Health-Methodist to focus on the shop.

The owners have taken grooming classes before opening the shop and are self taught in a way, said Antonacci.

For each dog or cat that is brought in an assessment is made of the pet before the grooming begins, said Antonacci.

"We ask them what they're looking for so we do an assessment," said Antonacci. "We talk to the owners about what they want their dog to look like."

They said that a picture of when a customer's dog looks their best is also helpful for the groom.

"It gives us a better idea of what they're shooting for," Antonacci said.

The store offers three packages with an aviation theme.

The first is the "first class" package, which includes a full grooming with a bath and a cut with clippers and scissors.

The second, named "coach," includes a bath and a light scissor trimming.

The third, "jump seat," offers a bath and a light brush and trim to get hair off. This one is aimed for the short hair dogs.

A special, private charter package is also available which includes a specialty maintenance package.

All of the packages include ear cleaning, finger brushing of the teeth, trimming of the nails and glands can be emptied upon request.

One of the perks about the shop that the owners say helps out is the variable turn around time for customers to pick up their pet.

"They can drop their dog off and pick them up when we're done. It's not an all-day process," said Antonacci.

Regular maintenance walk-ins are accepted if time is available.

"That's a gem for us because it's better for us and the dog if you bring them in and their nails aren't too long," said Antonacci. "I'm trying to encourage people to keep on a maintenance schedule."

Antonacci and Eastman said they are very pleased with having the shop in Chillicothe.

"We like the community, too, because people are very friendly. They are very welcoming, and they really love their pets," said Eastman.

Flying Furr is open 9 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Tuesday-Friday and 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday.