The Aussie New Year’s Barn Dance Bash is planned for Dec. 30.

The Rusty Pickup String Band presents its second annual Australian New Year old-fashioned barn dance on that Sunday night at Shore Acres in Chillicothe. The fun begins at 7 p.m.  

Callers Jim Hicks and Gail Hintze and surprise guests will teach all the dances so beginners are welcome. The dances are regularly held throughout the year in Chillicothe and in surrounding communities.

Live music by Chillicothe’s own champion fiddler Emmy Holmes-Hicks, who returns from the East Coast to lead the original Rusty Pickup String Band.           

Costumes are encouraged to add to the merriment. Admission is $5, with a $20 maximum for families. Participants are invited to bring a snack to share.

For more information, call 274-5358 or 274-2228.