"Just Go With It" and "The Roommate"


Adam Sandler has the hots for Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker (who doesn't?) and wants to marry her. But first he's going to need to cover up a little white lie concerning his marital status. And to do that, he enlists his assistant (Jennifer Aniston) to play out that fib to his beloved's satisfaction. What do you want to bet ol' Adam winds up falling for Jen instead? (PG-13)


Remember when Jennifer Jason Leigh rammed that high-heel shoe into Steven Weber's eye in "Single White Female?" Who could forget it? Well, apparently the producers of this not-so-subtle rip-off did. This time instead of Bridget Fonda as the goody two-shoes, we get Minka Kelly, who makes the mistake of sharing a college dorm room with a deceptively psycho Leighton Meester. At least what the film lacks in originality is more than compensated for by its two attractive stars. Or is it? The film wasn't screened for critics. So "Roommate" hunters beware. (PG-13)