The issue Out of more than 19,000 tickets sold at Town Theatre, only 3,581 ticket stubs were returned Sunday.

What we think Watching movies at Town Theatre, and then handing the ticket stubs to a youth group is a win-win, and unless the theater is sold out, there is always room to support them even more.

If Sunday is any indication of Chillicothe investing in its future generations, then the future looks bright for the community.

The Chillicothe Optimist Club doled out its $10,000 of profits from running Town Theatre, which it purchased in December 2009.

The club’s members took on a great responsibility in securing a mortgage, raising money for the down payment and learning about the movie business with benefiting Chillicothe’s youth at the forefront of their minds.

Their first year of business is a success due to their members, business partners and the support from the community at large.

But the fun and congratulations should not stop there.

Each resident can do two things: see movies at the theater and then donate the ticket stubs to a favorite youth group to turn in at Kids Count Night next year.

Residents may think just a couple extra seats filled will not make a difference, but that is not true.

Optimist treasurer Irv Latta told the crowd Sunday that if only three more people watched a movie each day, the club could give away $2,000 more than what it gave this year.

Some have said this is an easier way to make money for a group than fundraising through selling popcorn, candles, etc.

This year each ticket stub was worth  $2.79, more than half the price of last year’s movie ticket.

That number, of course, can go up or down depending on the Optimists profits and the number of ticket stubs turned in each year.

As Optimist Christy Crothers told the crowd, “Your seat counts.”