Chillicothe Times-Bulletin's website changes, Chillicothe Skatepark and Community Charities Re-Sale Shoppe open

New things seem to keep popping up in Chillicothe lately, and the Chillicothe Times-Bulletin’s website is no exception.

New things seem to keep popping up in Chillicothe lately, and the Chillicothe Times-Bulletin’s website is no exception.

Our website was redesigned and launched Tuesday. Our office staff is having a good time playing with it, and, of course, we’re working out the bugs.

A few things to note for our loyal online readers:

Instead of only six stories on our homepage, we now can offer many stories on the homepage, as well as the carousel.

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The Chillicothe Skatepark, at the corner of Sixth and Moffitt streets, is another new addition to Chillicothe.

The youth continue flocking to the area since it opened around noon Friday.

I’ve heard there have been very few problems: one skater parked a car going the wrong way on the side of the street and the youth are not leaving the park by dusk (of which park districts officials were made aware).

Neighbors were originally concerned about the park, but it sounds like those fears have been put to rest.

I took photos of the youth playing Monday, and as I walked away from the skatepark, a train was running nearby. It was much louder than the youth playing at the park.

I’ve always felt sorry for these youth — in the past they have had no place to go.

I’ve taken photos at numerous skate days and even a meeting when then-Mayor Don White gave them a talk about how they could not skate in the downtown business area.

They were banned from city streets (though you still see them skateboarding) and sidewalks. The grinding that they do with the skateboards is destructive to curbs and other hard surfaces. You can’t blame businesses or homeowners for not wanting them destroying property.

But, on the other hand, where were they supposed to go?

Many of these youth are immensely talented with skills I’ll never have. Some skateboard into adulthood.

How will it all shake out?

I hope the neighbors will give the youth a chance, and the youth will be responsible enough to keep a good skatepark.

Also new to town is the Community Charities Re-Sale Shoppe.

The shoppe grew from the rummage sales that benefitted CrossWord Café.

Proceeds from the shoppe are split into three groups — the café, Small World Connections (which is a local organization that sends residents to do missions work around the globe) and the third group can be any local, non-profit group.

All the group needs to do is provide publicity to its members in donating goods and shopping there, as well as volunteering time to be at the shoppe, located at 1040 N. Second St.

Only a few volunteers are needed to staff the shoppe, which is open on Wednesdays for residents to drop off items, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursdays and Fridays and 9 a.m. to noon Saturdays.

For more information or to schedule your group, call manager Sherry Adams at 678-8951.

But Seriously ... you should check out all three new things in town.

Marianne Gillespie is the editor of the Chillicothe Times-Bulletin.