• Spring planting days continue ...

• 4th of July bowling tournament canceled ...

• Congrats go to the Pearce volunteers ...

• About the riverfront ...

• Congrats to alderman-elect Alex Block ...

Spring planting began yesterday as schoolchildren learn about farming at Three Sisters Park. Today Chillicothe schoolchildren are touring the area. The event concludes tomorrow.

The bowling tournament scheduled for Saturday at Chilli Bowl to benefit the 4th of July fireworks has been cancelled.

One of the great things about Chillicothe is the volunteerism spirit of the community. Pearce Community Center honored its volunteers with a breakfast, catered by Shawn Crabel, Saturday morning. Look for a photo of the award winners in an upcoming edition of the Chillicothe Times-Bulletin.

Winning awards were:

Kevin Engquist — Pearce Ambassador
Roy Lewis — Cory Shilson Special Award
Diane Harlan —Volunteer of the Year
Jim Zogg —Youth Sports Award

City consultant Tom Tincher will give his final report at a special meeting, planned for 6 p.m. Monday at City Hall. His contract is up, and Mayor Gary Fyke said he plans to dissolve the riverfront advisory committee since they have completed their job.

Aldermen also are expected to approve the hiring of the new superintendent of public works, Ron Jaski of Huntly, Ill., who is expected to begin work May 5.

We're glad to see alderman-elect Alex Block in the audience of the last couple Chillicothe City Council meetings. Block won the April election for the Ward 2 seat.

In the past, some new alderman attend the meetings before they are seated (the first meeting in May) and some do not. But we think it's always a good thing to become familiar with how the city operates, both before running for the seat or after winning that seat.

As a volunteer firemen, we're sure he was missing Monday night training, and will continue ot miss it after he is seated on the council.

Thumbs up to Alex for putting his time in.

All the newly elected aldermen and mayor-elect Troy Childers Sr. will be seated at the May 11 meeting.


In case you missed it, you can read the proclamation honoring the retirement of Sid Crabel, superintendent of public works. Click here.