Duane I. Earnest, 46, Bartonville; Angela E. Thatcher, 48, Marquette Heights.

Kaley J. Butler, 32; Daniel M. Heinz, 28; both of Brimfield.

Andy C. Simpson, 45; Linda A. Murphy, 44; both of Peoria.

Brian C. Smith, 56; Penny J. Williams, 64; both of Peoria.

Jesse E. Ropp Sr., 23; Christal R. Burnett, 20; both of Peoria.

Valerie L. Ahl, 27; Zachary A. Ferguson, 27; both of Hanna City.

Craig J. Schielein, 29; Samantha A. Robbins, 24; both of Mossville.

Jared M. Stoller, 29, Denver, Colo.; Rebekah A. Herrmann, 27, Laura.

Brent D. Lowder, 24, Bartonville; Brianne E. Murray, 24, Brimfield.

Rebecca L. Schofield, 46; Brandon L. Noll, 40; both of Roanoke.

Brian S. Skauge, 30; Brenna M. Pardieck, 31; both of Peoria.

Benjamin T. Pearson, 34; Kristina M. Eveland, 28; both of Farmington.

Faith R. Sampson, 24; Bret M. Johnson, 24; both of Edwards.

Hani A.N. Wadi, 31, Edelstein; Nina N. Trisilla, 28, Peoria.

Robert J. Harms, 33; Christina M. Brown, 31; both of Pekin.

Bradley P. Smith, 24; Danielle R. Surratt, 25; both of Dunlap.

Robert W. Kilper III, 36; Emily E. Chambers, 30; both of Bellevue.

Latoya S. Smith, 40; Willie L. Anderson Jr., 39; both of Peoria.



Hess, Kyle L. and Terrell E.

Wells, Penny and Frank E. Okerego

Shelton, Debra and Christopher P.

Benson, Jeremy G. and Shellie L.