Every ride has an end and a basketball season is no exception.

Every ride has an end and a basketball season is no exception.

The Illinois Valley Central girls basketball season concluded Feb. 11 with a 39-29 loss to Geneseo in the Dunlap Regional.

The team's offense was stymied in the early goings, with shots rimming out and turnovers costing the Ghosts.

No matter what the Ghost offense tried, Geneseo had the answer and kept IVC from finding any kind of offensive rhythm in the first quarter of the game.

Geneseo's offense had no trouble finding the hoop as the team used good ball movement to send passes by the Ghost defense.

After the first quarter, the Ghosts still could not overcome the tough defensive pressure of Geneseo and the second quarter again found IVC struggling to rack up points.

Throughout the first half of play, Geneseo racked up 27 points to IVC's nine.

The Ghost defense clamped down in the third quarter and held Genseo to only four points using defensive pressure to disrupt the offense.

IVC's defenders kept Geneseo from working the ball inside in the third quarter but also used their speed to contest perimeter shots, forcing Genseo's sharpshooters to take bad shots and turn the ball over.

Offensively, the Ghosts began to find a rhythm with the smart shooting of Shayna VanOstrand.
VanOstrand's shooting led the team with eight points.

Brooke Rudolph also had a solid performance for IVC by slinging passes through the Geneseo defenders to set her teammates up with open looks and quality shots.

When the chances came around to her, Rudolph did not wait and sank several clutch shots for the Ghosts.

Down the stretch, in the fourth quarter, Geneseo's offense was able to regain its footing enough to quash any hopes the Ghosts had of mounting a comeback and IVC lost.