Rescue 33 is banking on Kenny Martin helping them to get back up and running, and then making the leap from a basic life support service to advanced life support.

Martin began reporting full-time to the Rescue 33 garage late last week as he will head the day-to-day operations of Rescue 33.

"We are very serious and hired someone to assist us in the day-to-day operations. If (Peoria Area EMS Board) calls, they can get a hold of him right away in the daytime. They have faith in him and we have faith in him," said Ron Hedden, president of Rescue 33.

He assisted the Peoria Heights ambulance service to transition from a basic service to paramedic service. The situation was different in some ways because the Peoria Heights squad had a license and they are run by the municipality instead of being a private organization like Rescue 33.

"I feel I can do the same thing here," said Martin.

He said he has five priorities to accomplish within Rescue 33.

The first priority, of course, is re-licensure.

The second of leadership within the organization is already done as he has been hired to take care of the daily operations.

Third is the re-inspection, upgrading and changing of equipment Rescue 33 needs to meet EMS requirements.

Fourth is the hiring of employees. Rescue 33 currently has an online advertisement for EMTs, and Martin said there is an "overwhelming" number of applicants.

The squad plans to employ 35 to 40 part-time employees, who will report to Martin. Additionally, he will be communicating with the Peoria Area EMS system's medical doctor.

The fifth priority is communication both within the organization, city officials and people in the community.

"This is quite a job," Martin said. "Rescue 33 personnel are not denying that they have their faults."

Martin sees that as something in the past.

"Tonight was one of the biggest hurdles," said Martin of the Chillicothe City Council meeting Jan. 28.

He stressed that residents should be aware that their support was crucial.

The squad now will work to rebuild, regroup, get its license and work to a long-term goal of becoming paramedics.