The Dunlap Village Board is looking to recoup its expenses in trying to campaign for the formation of a new park district, which ultimately failed by a 72 percent vote at the polls last month.

The Dunlap Village Board is looking to recoup its expenses in trying to campaign for the formation of a new park district, which ultimately failed by a 72 percent vote at the polls last month.

At the April 11 board meeting, Trustee Jack Esterdahl suggested now charging families who live outside Dunlap and participate in the Junior Football League or play recreational baseball and softball.

“There are around 600 kids who play in these leagues and I would guess about 80 percent are not village residents. I think charging five dollars per child is fair and we could cap it if they have over a certain number of kids,” Esterdahl said.
“The extra revenue could possibly buy us a new mower,” he added.

Village President Jack Fennell said it could be brought back to the board for a vote next month.

Fennell said he would also like to get a price on bathroom facilities at Central Park for next year and surveillance cameras out there as well.

“They are fairly inexpensive and it would deter people from destroying park property,” Fennell said.  

In other action and discussion, the board:
* Heard from Trustee Jeff Dixon about placing surveillance cameras on Route 91 and Legion Hall Road, in light of a recent break-in at the Dunlap American Legion and speeding vehicles and car burglaries in the area.

Dixon said he thinks it might reduce the recent crime in the area, but Esterdahl said it would have to be state-approved.

Trustee Colleen Slane said she contacted Peoria County Sheriff Mike McCoy after last month’s meeting to inquire about more patrols to catch speeding drivers, but she never heard back.

Dixon said the sheriff’s deputies did a good job of patrolling after the Legion break-in and Village Superintendent Dale Bishop said they stop into village hall every morning.

“They are around here quite a bit,” Bishop said.

Fennell said the village should be proactive and put speed bumps in themselves.

“I can price them and see what it would cost to have them be movable for five months and then take them out in the winter. I will meet with the street committee and report back next month,” Bishop said.

Fennell said more stop signs along French Drive, Legion Hall and Cedar Hills Drive could also fix the speeding problems.

He added it would also be nice to see the percentage of tickets given out in the problem areas and where they are getting the most police coverage.

* Approved a list of street project needs for 2012, as outlined by Bishop.
Bishop said all of the work can be done with the funds in the 2012-13 village budget  - which is set to be discussed and approved next month – but if they start to go over budget, some projects can be delayed until the next fiscal year.

He added a few of the projects on his wish list will also depend on what work the state decides to do itself on Route 91.

* Heard from Esterdahl about a possible upcoming Clean Up Day in the village, a suggestion which came from a few inquiring residents.

Bishop said the last village-wide clean up effort was two years ago and they only collected some tires by setting up a few trucks at the village hall.

Bishop said he liked the idea, but this time they could set up a large dumpster for a week with a sign what items could be accepted.

“We can see if we can fill it. I don’t think it’s worth it to have two trucks sit down there like last time,” Bishop said.

* Approved the annexation of property owned by James Withers into the village.

* Heard from Fennell that three or four lots have recently been sold in Copperfield Section 6 and new houses are already being built.

“It’s starting to pick up again out there,” Fennell said.

* Heard from Slane that the next Dunlap Days planning meeting is set for April 30.