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Learn the Ins And Outs Of Email Marketing
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Have you ever thought of email marketing to help improve your business and connect with clients? Email marketing is a great way to keep in contact with clients and share valuable information with them. Believe it or not, your clients are interested in your company and want to know the latest news in your industry or community. 
Your emails should contain information that is interesting to your clients.  Provide them with short paragraphs about articles or website information, and link back to the full article to keep their interest.  Sending emails with sales pitches may turn customers off. 
Your customers want to connect with you but on their terms.  Give them options for signing up for your email newsletter, social media accounts or just providing your email address and phone number, and let them choose how they connect.
Being flexible is important to your clients.  I prefer email, but I am fine with signing up with newsletters as long as they are short and full of information.  Providing valuable information makes you the expert in your field.  It is important to build customer confidence and credibility.
A few tips for Email Marketing:

·         Always use an email marketing program like Constant Contact or Mailchimp.  Not only do the emails look attractive, but clients have an option to opt in or out of your list.

·         Check your reporting tools of the program to see what your clients are interested in. Who opened the file and what did they click on? 

·         Use short bursts of information and link back to your website.  This drives more traffic to your site but also keeps the reader’s attention. 
Easy and efficient email marketing is within your reach.  Well designed email marketing can increase your customer base and grow your sales. If you are interested in Email marketing, feel free to attend one of my free workshops for Constant Contact.  Check my website for a schedule.  www.WebServicesInc.net

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