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Chilli Soup: Out with the old at the Chillicothe Police Department
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Marianne Gillespie/Chillicothe Times-Bulletin
Chillicothe Police Department
March 12, 2012 12:01 a.m.

Marianne Gillespie
You just never know what you’ll see next when you walk into the Chillicothe Police Department.
You just never know what you’ll see next when you walk into the Chillicothe Police Department.
A few weeks ago I walked in to find the two old, orange, 70s-something chairs in the foyer gone.
New Chillicothe Police Chief Scott Mettille had been doing a little cleaning around the building on his first day of work Feb. 15 (the day before I popped in), and some of the oldest items there were out the door.
As I greeted dispatcher Gordie Moore, my voice echoed in the small area from the lack of contents. He joked that there were changes in the conference room, too — I?would have to sit on the floor to copy down police reports.
There were plenty of chairs still in the conference room, but it did seem less cluttered.
As I chatted with the new chief as he hooked up a printer to his laptop, a couple of things became obvious.
First, the green '60s or '70s something chairs in the chief’s office were, literally, history.
Second, our new chief has no problem making changes.
And third, in case you’re wondering like I was, you will see him wearing a suit or at least a sportscoat and pants at the office. If he is working a shift, he said he will wear the dark uniform just like the Chillicothe police officers do. The white shirt, he said, just gets too dirty.
I know sometimes taxpayers think that money is spent frivolously for things "the government" needs. We've all heard about the $16 or $17 muffins. In this case, I can confidently say changes were needed. If money was spent on office equipment at the police department, I'd like to know when and for what. It certainly wasn't spent on new chairs.

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