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Chilli Soup: Bireline involved in interesting case
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Clancy Bireline, right, works with Lt. Paul Echols on their strategy in preparation for an Illinois Prisoner Review Board clemency hearing in Springfield Jan. 11. Each of the law students was allowed to question one of the three witnesses in front of the board, and Echols was Bireline’s witness. He wrote “In Cold Pursuit” about serial killer Timothy Krajcir, who eventually confessed to an attack on a Mount Vernon woman in a case that Grover Thompson was already convicted of and died in prison while serving his sentence.
Feb. 14, 2012 12:01 a.m.

Marianne Gillespie
If you read the Feb. 8 issue of the Chillicothe Times-Bulletin, then you saw the story about IVC grad Clancy Bireline.
If you read the Feb. 8 issue of the Chillicothe Times-Bulletin, then you saw the story about IVC grad Clancy Bireline.
It's amazing how Chillicotheans get around and end up working on some of the most interesting projects, job sites, etc.
One of my main questions for Clancy, of course, is how she knew Grover Thompson did not commit the crime he was serving a sentence for before he died while in prison.
The man who ended up being tied to the case through DNA is a convicted killer, and how can you believe him when he wants to avoid the death penalty in Missouri?
If you scour the Internet, you read all kinds of stories about this case.
Some reports had said Thompson was found with a knife.
Bireline said he carried a pocket knife which did have crusted flakes of blood on it, but that could be consistent with him saying he tried to shave his face.
There was not enough blood for a DNA?analysis. The victim, however, was covered in blood, and the perpetrator would have been too. Thompson did not have any blood on him.
After hearing how she explained things, I feel strongly about one thing: Clancy really tries to understand how the other person feels and get inside their head, so to speak.

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