This weekend, Chillicothe will be filled with archers who have targets and raising money for St. Jude in their sights.

This weekend, Chillicothe will be filled with archers who have targets and raising money for St. Jude in their sights.

“Our goal is to raise a lot of money for St. Jude,” organizer Luke Quinn said. “Last year, we raised $4,000 and I don’t see why we can’t raise $6,000 this year.”

The second annual Brad Wallin archery weekend will be held Saturday and Sunday.

The shoot is in honor and remembrance of Wallin, who died of cancer in 2004.

“It’s incredible to help raise the money for St. Jude,” Quinn said. “When we watched Brad go through what he did and all the strength that he had to face it, we knew that St. Jude helped him be able to do that. We just wanted to be able to give something back and to help them out.

“They do such a good job and they don’t just take in the individual, they take in the entire family.”

The shoot is something that not only raises money for St. Jude, it helps to keep the memory of Brad alive.

“For us, it’s another hobby that Brad had and loved to do so it’s really a great way to remember him by doing something that he loved,” Jeff Wallin, Brad’s father, said. “It helps to show the amount of lives that he touched by the amount of people who want to get involved. It’s an honor to have donations going to St. Jude in his name.”

Last year, the weekend featured several different shoots of various size and difficulty.

This year, the courses have been combined into one 50-target super shoot.

“A lot of the local archery shoots are on a circuit and the targets always stay the same every time,” Quinn said. “The Park District donated this property and it’s one that has all kinds of hills, valleys and woods. So, with it being an annual event, it gives people something new that they haven’t seen before.”

Saturday will also see the addition of a two-man scramble shoot.

Returning from last year will be the kids area with a moon bounce as well as 50/50 and novelty shoots for prizes.

Also, last year’s banquet and raffle has been replaced with an all-day raffle that will take place Saturday.

Prizes that have been donated for the raffle include bows, a four-person carp shoot, pheasant hunts and hunting equipment.

“We also have a two-day and two-night youth deer hunt donated by Sugar Creek Outfitters,” Quinn said. “I won that last year and they have a huge lodge. It’s a very elaborate place.”

Rescue 33 will again be serving breakfast and lunch this year.

The archery shoot is the second event that Chillicothe hosts in Brad’s honor to raise money for St. Jude.

The area is also home to an annual youth baseball tournament to raise funds for St. Jude.

“This town is just incredible in how much support they give and how much money they raise for the kids at St. Jude,” Quinn said.

It was that desire to help raise money for St. Jude that put the wheels in motion for starting the archery shoot.

“Jeff and I had always been close friends and when Brad passed, we almost instantly began talking about organizing this,” Quinn said. “Last year, I told him that we’re doing this and that we’ve talked about it long enough.”

But to get the shoot from dream to reality, Quinn and Wallin could not have done it alone.

“We have about a dozen volunteers, and they know who they are, who without them this whole weekend wouldn’t be possible,” Quinn said.

The archery shoot is from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Saturday and from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sunday at the former Camp Neighborhood House property.