The Illinois Valley Central District 321 board of education meeting June 22 highlighted recent achievements and improvements throughout the district.

The Illinois Valley Central District 321 board of education meeting June 22 highlighted recent achievements and improvements throughout the district.

IVC High School baseball coach Jerry Rashid and many of the varsity baseball players were recognized for their Class 2A third-place finish.

With a final record of 33-6 and carrying titles such as conference, Regional, Sectional and Super-Sectional champions, Rashid was nothing but thankful for the recognition.

“It’s a great honor to be here, we had a great season. By wins and losses alone it certainly stands for itself,” Rashid said. “They are fine young men and really represent our school in the highest level possible. We were very proud to be wearing IVC Ghost shirts in Joliet.”

Rashid explained that many times other high schools have requested to play at IVC’s facilities, and the high-quality program is something to boast about.

“They always like us to get to the State finals because we bring more people than anyone, and that’s a great tribute to the people of Chillicothe as well,” he said.

The baseball team graduated seven players this year, which leaves 10 returning and quite a few openings for new talent.

Superintendent Nick Polyak discussed South School construction progress, giving many hope it will be done as soon as the rain lets up.

“One of the things we’re looking at is now what we found is the rain keeps delaying the outside work, but one of the nice things is the rain is showing some of the places that are not water tight.
It’s actually helping us troubleshoot at this point, so that’s a silver lining,” Polyak said.

The school is waiting on the completion of the parking lot, installation of kitchen equipment and floor tiles and details the project architect is putting together.

Many life safety projects have begun as well. The replacement windows in the Mossville Junior High gym started last week as well as the front doors to the high school. At Chillicothe Elementary Center the fire alarms were replaced.

Greg Johnson of the finance committee gave a report of the state funding and projected expenses for the 2010-11 school year.

“We’ve planned our budget revenues and projected expenses as best we can given what we know today,” Johnson said.

“As you look at it from a year over year perspective, 2009-10 to the 2010-11 year you’re going to see about $650,000 year over year expense reduction and really, I think, the big driving force is revenues from the state and what’s going to happen there. Overall, it looks like $1.2 million revenue shortfall this year over last year.”

The projected deficit for the next school year is $586,000.

Polyak added the deficit was known, and cuts were made accordingly.

In other action and discussion, the board:

• approved the hearing to transfer $800,000 from the transportation fund to the education fund.
Polyak said, “This was last done in 2005. We know we’re going to be facing a tough year in the education fund.”

• approved a number of action items which include: paying the monthly bills, approving the prevailing wage resolution and bids for food service contract and a resolution to abolish the working cash fund.

• approved resignations and personnel contracts. Angie McGrath, a Spanish teacher from IVC High School and Rick Ehle, a custodian at South School, were approved for resignation.

Personnel contracts effective for the 2010-11 school year were approved for Dustin Birkel, assistant principal replacement for Mike Gray at IVC High School; Monica Rocio Lynch, replacement Spanish teacher at IVC High School; Bridgette Levy, replacement special education teacher at South School; Vicky Dorney, re-hire/replacement Bright Futures aide at Mossville Junior High School and Josh Kinney, assistant girls’ basketball coach at CEC.

The next meeting will be at 6:30 p.m. July 27 in the IVC High School Library.