If Chillicotheans value recycling, the Chillicothe Public Library may offer a new program in the near future.

If Chillicotheans value recycling, the Chillicothe Public Library may offer a new program in the near future.

Library director Susan Drissi recently attended a seminar through the Alliance Library System.
Patti Smith, director of the Brimfield Library, spoke about a program that residents in her community supported.

The idea grabbed Drissi’s attention — Chillicothe residents might just like the same type of program, she thought.

Eagle Enterprises Recycling of Galva provides a dumpster for the library, which, in Chillicothe’s case, would be on the southeast corner of the library parking lot.

There is no need for separating, as residents need only drop off paper, plastic, aluminum and glass bottles. Drissi said residents would have 24-hour access to the dumpster at the library.

To fund the recycling program, which costs $50 per month, Drissi said a canister would be available for donations.

For the months that donations exceed the $50, the money will be “banked” for future months when donations may not be enough, she said.

“Because it was so popular, the city got involved,” said Drissi about Brimfield’s experience. The city pays for an additional dumpster for the popular program.

Only twice has it been abused, said Drissi of residents putting items that are not recyclable.

“It’s been a huge success,” said Drissi. “It’s a community service.”

The program also would assist the library in its efforts to go green.

In order to receive the maximum amount of the per capita grant, library staff must show they are trying to “go green.”

To do that, library staff already has garbage cans to recycle paper.

Not only would residents be able to recycle easier, but also the program would aid the library in showing it is going green, Drissi said.

“I’m very passionate about it,” said Drissi. “It just really bothers me when I put garbage out for Wigand’s and I know there’s stuff in it that I could recycle.”

Many of those who do recycle drive to different areas around Central Illinois to drop off various recyclables after they have sorted their own garbage, Drissi said. She said the advantage of this program is there is no need for that.

Drissi encourages the public to call 274-2719 or let the library staff know if they are interested in the program. Residents may give their name or just their vote of support, of which the staff can keep a tally.

“If 50 people were interested and they each give $1 a month, then we will have paid for it,” said Drissi.